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Hi everyone!!
First, onto (what I think is) the basic information: I’m Iris (in search of any good nicknames ^^) from Spain ^^

Well, I think my life isn’t very interesting, but, hey, I didn’t know what else to post. So, I start with a “presentation” entry. Yayyyy!!

First of all, I’d like to say I’m new (ve~ry new) at livejournal, but I decided to make one because there are so many good communities and livejournals somehow related with Arashi that I couldn’t resist the urge of making myself one too. A~nd, I also want to make a lot of friends so I can fangirl with a lot of people!! Yayyy!! Because sometimes, I really need talking about… some anime for example, but I don’t have much people who I can talk about it T~T. So, everyone, I hope we can talk about a lot of things! ^^

Then, onto my little problems ^^. One is the constant use of “Yayy”s and “Muahaha”s. Another is my impossibility of keeping a blog or anything like that during a decent period of time (I’m still investigating the cause, hoping one day I can “cure” me!). So, if I ever post anything (and ever anyone reads that), you’ll probably have to bear with the “yay”s and “muahaha”s. Yeah, maybe I’m a little special, but... I’m proud of myself!! xD You can just ignore me because of that “speciality”, I won’t be mad (^_^)b I’ll understand you (-_-;). Also, as you may have already seen, I also love emoticons ^^. So, when I’m in the mood, I fill anything I write with emojis. That may be a problem too. *Sigh* Okay, I’ll stop with my problems now because I don’t want everyone to hate me this soon!!

So, a little about me… Basically, I think you could describe me with one word: Japan. I really have an obsession. I love (almost?) everything of Japan. From music (be it rock or pop) to dramas, anime, videogames, language… At the moment dramas, Johnny’s and Otome games would be at top. But I’m flexible. Ve~ry flexible. So maybe next week it will be manga again. Who knows? I’m full of surprises (^-^)v (Okay, these are the moments when my head goes somewhere else and I start saying funny things… Sorry, I’m also working on fixing this…).

Now, about the REAL me: a completely obsessed Arashi, Nino and Ohmiya fan d(⌒o⌒)b (Maybe I should write I’m a “fujoshi” too ^^). So, I will probably enter in OMG-Arashi!!, OMG-Nino!! or OMG-Ohmiya!! attacks very often (Oh! Maybe Sakuraiba attacks too, but that is not that often…)

About the contents of this journal: although I don’t think I’ll post very often, I will mostly write my opinions about Arashi programs, or singles, or albums, or dramas.., etc etc. I’d like to try writing some fics and doing some picspams, but knowing my lack of confidence and my laziness, maybe I will never even try T~T. Maybe I’ll make some wallpapers… It’s something I have done before, and (even though they weren’t anything special) I was proud of them.

So, this is me. I know I have some problems, but I hope they don’t stand in the way of making new friends ^^. Oh!! And one more thing. Maybe you will have noticed it already, but English is not my mother tongue, so maybe sometimes you can’t understand what I write (Oh no!! Σ(Ο□Ο) I’ll improve my English!! ┗(^.^)┛).
One last thing: everyone, please take care of me (=^.^=)/


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